Who is Buried Near the Septic Tank?

Tom's Place

At a home located two miles Southwest of Pearblossom, California there is a home on 113th Street, a horrible murder is alleged to have occurred. A confidential source has informed us that human body parts were flushed down the toilet at that home, and human remains are still in the septic tank. It’s believed the resident there is named “Tom.” Thus far, nor Tom or anyone else has come forward to reveal if indeed human remains were flushed down his toilet.

High tech sensors were deployed and human remains were detected in front of the house, possibly the location of the septic tank which jives with the source information that body parts were flushed down the toilet.

A clandestine grave was detected on the property just north of the house. If you have any information who may be buried in these locations, please contact our tip line immediately. If you see any activity regarding the septic tank for this particular home or around the suspected burial site just to the north, PLEASE CONTACT THE COUNTY SHERIFF IMMEDIATELY.

The families need closure, and we would like to see a little justice for the victims of these crimes.