The Massive Graveyard known as the Antelope Valley, Over the Years Became the Dumping Ground for LA

When to mob or whoever committed a murder in the LA basin, it’s believed the henchmen would make the long drive out to the lonely expanses of the Antelope Valley in order to discard the deceased. Some people feel there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of clandestine grave sites in the Antelope Valley that all have stories to tell.┬áIt was and still is, the perfect place to dig a hole and dump a body without anyone noticing.

With the advancement of new technology, Dr. Arpad A. Vass has developed a method to find those graves from a family reference sample such as fingernail clippings. So, if someone has a relative missing they feel could have been taken on that long ride from LA to the Antelope Valley, Dr. Vass can zero in on their location, then followed up by highly trained grave-detection dogs to find the missing.

When the situation dictates it, a ground penetrating radar expert is also brought in to help precisely target the location of a hidden grave.

The missing can be found with the help of the relatives.