When contacting us, It’s important to note the following…

WE ARE NOT CONNECTED TO LAW ENFORCEMENT. Some of our volunteers are retired law enforcement individuals, but that is where it stops.

We are an independent civilian organization comprised of professional scientists, dog trainers, aviators, etc., all highly skilled in each respective specialty.

All communication with us is considered STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

You may remain anonymous if you wish, but you may feel confident in providing us your name and how we can reach you, because we are protecting your information.

You may leave a message on our voicemail or call back to speak with a live person when one is available. Or, you could always email us. Either way, have confidence in knowing that your identity will be protected.

Don’t anticipate an immediate response. On any given day, we are working on several cases of missing loved ones who are believed to have been murdered. Please know that your communication will be taken seriously.

AV Missing Tip Line: 805-541-7937

OR… you can send us a confidential email: