The Torture House Grave Site:

There’s a house in the Antelope Valley in the Little Rock area on 85 East, the locals call the torture house.  We don’t know why this particular home is called “THE TORTURE HOUSE,” but that’s what the locals call it.

Our sensors and/or informants are telling us there is a grave site located near the Torture House. We believe the body is buried in an area located behind the Torture House, which may or may not be on the same property as the Torture House.

Please do not disturb the people living in the Torture House, as they may not know anything about any of this. If the grave site is, located on the same property at the Torture House, we hope to obtain permission from the property owner and residents to investigate further to precisely pinpoint the location of the body.

When a human body is buried in a clandestine grave on a person’s property who had nothing to do with putting it there, we normally get permission from the property owner to do everything possible to locate it and get the authorities to exhume and remove it. We hope to obtain permission from the property owner soon.

Anyone with any additional information are encouraged to contact us.