The “TIN GIRL” Grave Site:

Often times we will receive information about the location of a murder victim from citizens, or reformed criminals. We then investigate the site and determine if, indeed, there is body buried at that location. 

We received information from a reformed criminal about a pretty blonde girl was kidnapped from the San Bernardino area in the mid 1980’s, transported to the Pearblossom, California area, where she was brutally raped and murdered, then buried behind the suspect’s home. 

Our source knew the suspects well, and said that when the suspects went to bury her body they paused. Our source said they didn’t want to throw dirt on her face because she was so pretty. Some real sick bastards! Rape and murder is OK, but some dirt on the face is a bad thing?

They found a large piece of tin and tossed it on top of her body so they wouldn’t have to see her face as they buried her in a clandestine grave.   

To this day, we do not know who this girl is, so we refer to her “Tin Girl.”  If you have any ideal who this girl might be, please Email or call our tip line.

The primary suspect in this case is now deceased.

We have identified the location of human remains behind the suspect’s house, near the propane tank. Unfortunately, the people who currently live in the house have no idea a murder victim is highly likely buried on their property.