The old orchard grave site location

Our team received information that there was a body buried in the area of East Avenue U and 106th Street East.  A Grave Detection Dog detected human decomposition chemicals flowing out of the old orchard across East Avenue U.

The old orchard was fenced off so our field investigators were not able to enter the orchard and pinpoint the location of the grave.

Months later, a specialized sensor device was utilized in the effort to pinpoint the location of the grave. Bearings from the device taken from outside the fence area determined the grave location was in the area of a white irrigation pipe.

The house across 106th Street East was the residence of the suspect who is believed to have murdered the “TIN GIRL.”  To be clear; the house near the orchard is not the “Tin Girl” house.  The orchard house was where the suspect moved after the “Tin Girl” house. He is now deceased, but it appears likely he was a serial offender.