We are a special team of professionals who work in the strict secrecy and hold all communications confidential. Our main objective is to help you find your relative or loved one who is missing and believed to be buried somewhere in the Antelope Valley of California.

It’s important to note that we are not members of law enforcement, but a private entity who have developed remarkable skills in searching and finding people who have fallen prey to evildoers. If you really want to find your relative or loved one, then we must know every scrap of information about what lead up to his/her disappearance. We also need you to help us zero in on the area that he/she might be buried.

We mention throughout this website our dedication to secrecy and maintaining your information confidential. Having said that, people must know that by conveying information on this website, others might have knowledge, a piece of the puzzle which will help us to solve the case of where your relative or loved one is buried.

No one will know where we received the information, but it’s good to get information out for people to read in the hope that someone might have that sliver of information leading us in the right direction for discovery of the individual we are searching for.

We also maintain a data base of DNA samples, usually hair or fingernail clippings of those biologically related to the missing individual. We prefer a direct link such as a mother/father or sister/brother for these DNA samples.

It does not matter how long they have been missing. We have discovered bodies which have been buried over 72 years ago. The more recent, the better, because events are fresher in the minds of possible witnesses, but do not let the time from the disappearance dissuade you from coming forward with information.

Regardless of the time since someone disappeared, we still have the ability to zero in on their location and solve that part of the case by locating the body.

We Keep Searching When Others Give Up

Sometimes, police refuse to enter names of the missing into the missing person database. Sometimes, police delete people from the database when they’re not supposed to. The only place you will find those people is on this website.

Antelope Valley Missing Website supports a special team of professionals who apply their respective disciplines to locate clandestine graves.

We have the experience and equipment to help find your loved one when the cops have given up the search, or intentionally don’t want to find someone for some stupid reason.

No investigative unit in the world can do what we do. Law enforcement have search dogs, we have “grave detection dogs.” There is a major difference between the two, which most people do not understand nor appreciate.

When all others have given up the search, we stay on the case, applying cutting-edge science to bring peace to those needing closure.

Are the Cops Afraid? Are You Afraid?

It makes you wonder why the police are not looking for many of these people buried in the Antelope Valley. The mafia has been replaced by vicious evil gang members who attempt to threaten and coerce people. If that doesn’t work, they murder and bury victims in the Killing Fields of California’s Antelope Valley.

Being out-numbered and out-gunned, the police tend to embrace a survival posture rather than an aggressive law enforcement mode. It’s all politics my friends. The police officer who has been sent out to the desert to enforce the law knows he (and his life) just isn’t as important, as the politically savvy cops in the city that backup units ready to spring into action when needed.

If a police officer goes down in a hail of bullets on some deserted desert road, there is no backup. And, they’re few to mourn his life and take care of his/his spouse and children. There’s a callous attitude of, ‘Let’s just get another recruit to send out there to keep the peace.’

Rumor control has it that some police officers assigned to various parts of California’s Antelope Valley are enjoying additional revenue from the drug trade themselves. And, there you have it… a vast open desert with few good guys, a whole bunch of bad guys and some of your very fellow officers are working the other side of the fence. Not a situation conducive to your health if you are a by-the-book police officer.

And if you are citizen, you had better arm yourself and learn how to lay down fire effectively. Because, if the politics of the day do not place a high regard on a police officer’s life, they sure as hell won’t place a high value on a family living in a mobile home somewhere way out in the desert.

The History of California’s Antelope Valley…

According to Wikipedia, the first peoples of the Antelope Valley include the Kawaiisu, Kitanemuk, Serrano, and Tataviam. Europeans first entered in the 1770s during the colonization of North America. Father Francisco Garces, a Spanish Franciscan friar, is believed to have traveled the west end of the valley in 1776.

The Spanish established El Camino Viejo through the western part of the valley between Los Angeles and the missions of the San Francisco Bay in the 1780s. By 1808, the Spanish had moved the native people out of the valley and into missions.

Jedediah Smith came through in 1827, and John C. Fremont made a scientific observation of the valley in 1844. After Fremont’s visit the 49ers crossed the valley via the Old Tejon Pass into the San Joaquin Valley on their way to the gold fields. Later, a better wagon road, the Stockton – Los Angeles Road route to Tejon Pass, followed in 1854.

Stagecoach lines across the southern foothills came through the valley along this wagon road, and were the preferred method for travelers before the coming of the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1876. The rail service linking the valley to the Central Valley and Los Angeles started its first large influx of white settlers, and farms and towns soon sprouted on the valley floor.

The aircraft (now called aerospace) industry took hold in the valley at Plant 42 in 1952. Edwards AFB, then called Muroc Army Air Field, was established in 1933.

When people go missing…

When people come up missing, it’s either because they are alive and don’t want to be found, or because they were murdered and their body was discarded. Our organization does not get involved with finding those who ran off, and maybe don’t want to be found. Our mission is to find those who have fallen victim to crime and their bodies have been discarded in the Antelope Valley.

We travel the earth in search of the missing, but have discovered an inordinate amount of people who have been murdered and discarded in the Antelope Valley of California. We refer to the Antelope Valley as the “Killing Fields,” because of all the people who have gone missing and believed to have been buried somewhere in the Antelope Valley of California.

The California Antelope Valley appears to have become a dumping ground to discard human beings. Some are probably murdered and buried in the Antelope Valley, and some may have been murdered somewhere in the LA Basin, then transported to Antelope Valley in the hope the body will never be found again.

The criminal element knows that prosecutors seldom achieve a conviction without a body. If the body is effectively discarded in a remote location like the vast Antelope Valley, there’s a good chance the perpetrators would get away with murder.

If you are seriously interested in finding your friend or loved one, and believe their body could have been discarded in the Antelope Valley, then help us to help you by sending us all the information you can. We will also need hair or fingernail clippings from the next of kin, mother/father/sister/brother.

If a body is found, we are then obligated to contact law enforcement officials in the hope they can piece the puzzle together to hold those responsible accountable for someones demise. Remember, there is no statute of limitations on murder.